Our Story

              How did Santa Stamped come about?  Well it all started with this declaration from the North Pole!

Announcement from the North Pole

              Alabaster and his council of elves at the North Pole needed someone to make sure it was possible for all children to believe in Santa Claus. So, they designated Elf Cynthia to be the official keeper of Santa Stamped.  And yes, the big jolly man himself approved because Santa Claus knows how much Christmas spirit she has!  Santa Stamped shares the Christmas spirit, magic and joy with children.  We offer Santa letters, Nice List Certificates, Magical Reindeer Food, Santa’s Magic Key and other Santa packages for kids.

 Cynthia with her two granddaughters

The news spread fast throughout Santa's Village of these creative letters and magical packages.  All the villagers wanted their children to experience the JOY of receiving one of these packages!  Santa Stamped has now become a household name for many families.

These letters and packages soon became Santa's favorites!  She even helps Santa keep up with his NICE LIST!


The Magic of Christmas lasts a lifetime!

  Cynthia has always held family traditions near and dear to her heart.  She has fond memories of the “cookie day” baking cookies with her sister and watching many Christmas themed movies including “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.  One of her fondest memories was taking a ceramic class with her Mom making Christmas decorations that she still uses today.  Cynthia remembers Christmas Eve dinners at her childhood home. Her Mom cooked many specialty dishes requested by family members and her Dad was adorned in his red vest and Santa hat.

Time has passed and today she still finds that those Christmas traditions remain in her heart.  And now her brother hosts the family Christmas Eve dinner at his home with over thirty family members in attendance.  Food, laughter and joy are always abundant.

Also a survivor of ovarian cancer, Christmas is a time of hope for Cynthia - a time to remember every blessing she has. These blessings include being a wife, a mother to her son, and a “Grammi” to her granddaughters.

Santa Stamped has become the family tradition that her granddaughters can grow up with.  These letters and packages from Santa can become your own household family tradition as well.  Celebrate the spirit of Christmas by extending the magic to your own children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.  Surprise them with the wonder of Santa through a personalized letter or package.  Find the magic that will last a lifetime for your own family.


Santa Stamped wishes you a Magical, Joyful Christmas!