Magical Package

The real magic starts when your child receives Santa's Magical Package.  Receiving this package will be a truly exciting experience for a child.  The Santa Magical Package is addressed to the child and arrives in a beautiful shiny red foil envelope that is sure to grab the child's attention.

In addition to a letter from Santa personalized with child's name and hometown, this package includes the 2018 Nice List Certificate, a Santa Nice List round sticker badge, an 8 1/2 X 11 Santa Beard Countdown to Christmas Calender and a 4X6 autographed photo of Santa. The package makes the Christmas magic even more real by including Santa's Magic Key, with powers that only Santa can use; and Magical Reindeer Food to sprinkle on the lawn Christmas Eve.

Also included:

  • Santa's favorite snack card/recipe on back
  • Postcard from Santa delivered to child next year

Magical Package

Santa Snack Postcard from Santa
Santa's Favorite Snack Summer Postcard from Santa